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While I have many interests that can be channeled into an occupation, I'm easily bored and can't seem to settle on a singular career. goal.  Writing is an important part of my life because I'm able to express myself freely.  I like to read too.  Enjoying a rather limited variety of novels, I prefer textbooks, and informational books.  I like best to read about different cultures and religions.  I find mythology and history especially interesting.  I'd love to travel as an anthropologist to investigate remote cultures and share my findings by writing books.

I can easily relate to some mythical characters, finding their personalities and situations very sinilar to those of today.  I love the magic of some stories.  Today it seems the only thing people believe is science.  It's the modern belef systems that covers most everything that would ever come up in daily life, but seems to exclude any mystical deities.  At least people don't deny the existence of magical creatures as having had played a role in human developments, even if they're not believed to have physically existed.

Some Fridays, I go along with my dad to work and keep him company during his work hours.  My dad has been a a police officer at the Portland Airport for more than twenty years.  I think that I might like to become a police officer. Specifically, I'd like to be a K-9 officer.  It would please my dad to see me go into law enforcement.  I could think of no better job than one that allows me to take my dog everywhere I go.

At home, there are three very large dogs that share my room at night.  I think of them all as my puppies, even though one is near eleven years of age.  I truly adore dogs, especially mine.  Dogs are so honest and make excellent friends.  My clan consists of a wonderful mixture of all sorts of people and dogs of all ages and personalities. I have a strong sense of family.  I currently live with my grandparents and at home with my parents alternately.

I come from a blue-collar, working-class family.  My father was president of his union for seven years, my grandfather was a longshoreman, my grandmother was president for the long shore retirees union, and both my paternal great-grandfathers worked on the railroads.  My appreciation for labor unions comes from what my father has taught me about labor rights. He has always involved me in his career as an activist.

I've strong political opinions that are mostly consistent with those of the green part.  Another incomplete aspiration of mine is to become a stateswoman and try to make positive environmental changes. As bogus as it may seem, I bleieve that we were meant to be hunters/gatherers rather than computer technicians and plumbers.  I find the fact that with such technological advancements we've too much power and we're killing off predatory  competition endangering the entire food chain.

Though I'm obviously less than decisive, I have many qualities.  I'm imaginative, competent, strong, loyal, confident, respectful,  trustworthy, broadminded, and most importantly for someone who hasn't yet decided upon a future career, I'm versatile and ambitious.  Whatever I do become, it's important to me that my family supports my career choice.  As a result of this course, I think I'm more aware of my opportunities, I've assessed my weaknesses and strengths, and have improved my scholastic habits.