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On January 15, 2003, the memorial service for Cassie was held at the St. Johns Christian Church, in Portland, Oregon.  The church was filled with over 600 friends and relatives, with the news media that was discreetly in the background during the service....


Family and Friends talk about Cassie...


This is where Cassie is located:

Portland Memorial  (Sellwood Community)
6705 S.E. 14th Avenue
Portland, Oregon  97202-5703

Hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cassie is located: on the 8th floor
Room:  Fuchsia
Terrace ir chamber:  McKinley East
Section:  North 2
Crypt Niche:  V-8

The crypt is a dark green marble and is marked "Cassondra Megan Brown"  "Beloved Sister To Woman And Dogs"  "1984-2003"  There are currently some photos of her and her dogs on the crypt. 

The people at the front desk are always very helpful if anyone needs assistance in locating Cassie.